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May Day March: Saturday 2nd May 2015

May Day 2015

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A Dinner Dance in Honour of Brendon Ormsby - Fri 10th July 2015 (08/04/15)

Dinner Dance 10 July 2015

2015 Stewards training programme - places still available (09/03/15)

Leeds UNISON is running several in-house training courses this year for UNISON stewards.  Legislation states that training must be undertaken by stewards to enable you to fulfil your role as a steward, and you also need to undergo training to become a fully accredited Unison steward.  If you haven’t already attended the courses below please do consider attending – they are free and we apply for your paid time off.

If you are interested in attending any of these branch courses, please contact the branch office on (0113) 245 8442, or email branch@leedsunison.org.uk. The courses take place at the UNISON Branch Office, are accredited and the tutor is a TUC trainer/lecturer from Leeds City College.

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Safety successes for Leeds UNISON Safety Reps (19/12/14)

At Roseville Enterprises, where many of the staff have learning difficulties, the  Health and Safety Inspection by UNISON representatives lead to improvements to the boiler room; a thermostat has now been installed to provide hot water at a comforatble temperature;  plus a number of other outstanding items were resolved.

Improvements at Cross Green included the encapsulaton of a roof which was suspected to contain asbestos.

Another Leeds UNISON representative , with support from the Leeds UNISON Branch, has worked with management to establish a local Safety Committee. This can now help work on a number of health and safety issues that arise from the client group that use this service and can now start resolving thiese out standing issues.

Improvements are now ongoing at Woodhouse Lane car park following the involvement of Leeds UNISON. Cars were parking in hatched areas making the car park hazardous. Following pressure from the UNISON safety representatives these are now being resolved, making the car park safe for both the workers in the car park and the public.

Improvements at Killingbeck to the outdoor lighting which made it safer for the cleaning staff, this involved resetting the time clock for swtiching on the lights at a more useful time. Several improvements have also been made in the offices with areas for staff breaks and to the general tidiness in the office.

These are just a few examples from this month’s report to Leeds UNISON on Health and Safety improvements. This why Leeds UNISON safety representatives are vital to protect the people who work in Leeds City Council and also keep the public of Leeds safe.


AGM Timetable (05/12/14)


Will stewards please note the following deadlines which apply to the arrangements for the Annual General Meeting which is to be held during the weeks commencing 9th and 16th March 2015.

Stewards Committee secretaries should ensure that AGM Motions and Nominations for Branch Officers are included on the Agenda for stewards committee meetings in January.


i) Closing date for motions from stewards/individuals to be considered by the AGM
1 February

ii) Closing date for AGM motions to be submitted to the Branch Committee
1 February

To be taken at 11th February Branch Committee. Motions to be submitted in writing to Branch Office, with names of proposer and seconder.

Please make it clear whether the motion is to be submitted direct to the AGM, or whether it is intended that it be endorsed and submitted in the name of the Branch Committee.


The Branch Officer posts to be elected by the AGM are:

Branch Chairperson
Branch Vice Chairperson
Branch Secretary
Assistant Branch Secretary
Branch Treasurer
Assistant Branch Treasurer
Affiliated Political Fund Officer
Welfare Secretary
Education Co-ordinator
Health & Safety Officer
Equality Officer
Publicity Officer
Membership Services Officer
Youth Officer
International Officer
Lifelong Learning Co-ordinator

In addition the AGM will appoint the following having received nominations submitted by the Branch Committee:

Branch Auditors (2)
Branch Superannuation Adviser

i) Closing date for nominations: 10 February

Brian Mulvey
Branch Secretary

Pay Offer 2014-16 Accepted – but the campaign goes on (21/11/14)
LCC Employees - changes to terms and conditions (19/11/14)

Social events

Leeds UNISON Walking Group

The Groups has a different walk each month, apart from August.  Everyone is welcome, not only UNISON members, so encourage your family, friends and colleagues to come along.  The walks are on a Sunday and range from 4 miles to 9 miles. If you would like to be included on the mailing list for information please contact the branch office on 0113 245 8442 or for more information contact Stephen Johnson on 0113 267 5487 or email Steve on walkingowl2@gmail.com


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